Overcome Fatigue (Five Practical Ideas)

Fatigue is more than just needing to get to bed – it’s living life with worry like a constant drone, one long note, without coming up for air. It wears a person down mentally, physically and spiritually.

But there are practical ways to get out of the constant cycle of fatigue from worry and, according to Dale Carnegie, one great by-product is looking and feeling younger.

In his book, How To Stop Worrying and How To Start Living (1944), Carnegie includes some good, practical thoughts but also seems to rely on basic God-honoring principles for living life.

Here’s a small list of ways to overcome constant fatigue that comes from worry:

Keep a file of inspirational reading

Reading can inspire us. When we’re feeling down, overwhelmed or fatigued, we can take out our list of scriptures, quotes and other inspirational thoughts to boost us. Here’s a list of my favorite scriptures (if I had to pick) as well as 30 inspirational quotes.

Don’t dwell on the shortcomings of others

Dwelling on the shortcomings of others only hurts you in the long run. There’s often nothing you can do about the situation or the past. So, why not just extend the grace to others’ you’d like to have.

Become interested in people

Ask questions and learn about others. People love to share about themselves. As you become interested in others, you not only build stronger relationships, you stop being so focused on yourself, which can drastically decrease your worry and fatigue.

Make your schedule for tomorrow before going to bed

A cluttered mind can mess up sleep. It’s best to wind down early, stop looking at screens, and clearly outline the next day. This will increase order as you head to bed and will help eliminate many of the little worries that can sabotage rest (which in turn causes more worry and fatigue)!

Avoid tension – Relax!

This is a general reminder to ourselves to avoid tension that comes with worry. There are some things we can never – nor will we ever be able to – do anything about. Remind yourself to relax.

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