One Comparison Allowed As Ministry Leaders…

comparisonComparisons in ministry can dangerous.  It becomes a slippery slope – and there is no end.  On one level, we will be in trouble because there is always someone better.  There will always be a bigger church, a more sought after leader, a more effective organization.  On another level, our minds are crafty and begin to only compare our lives and ministries to those who make us feel better.  At that moment, we are also in grave danger.

As I have been thinking about comparison, I ran across a couple verses in Psalm 119:5-6.  This is one comparison you can make:

Oh, that my actions would consistently
reflect your decrees!
Then I will not be ashamed
when I compare my life with your commands. 

Actions – What you do, who you are, inward and outward.

Consistently – A word that might be used to describe rhythm for us as leaders – day in and day out.

Reflect – An opportunity for us to be like Jesus and to live out what we have learned from him and his word.

Decrees – The perfect word from the Lord.

Compare – Stack up against, side by side assessment.

There’s both freedom and motivation when our only comparison is to God’s Word and what he has called us to do.  It’s a comparison that charges us.  It increases our desire for holiness, causes us to strive for perfection, challenges us to ask for wisdom, and reminds us to pant for quiet times of refreshment with the Lord.  It’s the kind of comparison that teaches us more about grace than any other.


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