Quick Game Leading Tips

tips2Yesterday’s post gave some reasons why games can be important for youth ministry.  In this post, I want to share a few quick youth ministry game leading pointers:

1)  Don’t call a game a game.  Just begin. Know the game well and keep instructions to a minimum.

2) Jump in with bite-sized instruction.  A phrase like, “Ok, everyone get into a circle for me.  Now I need you to…  etc.” Before everyone realizes it, they are involved in the game.

3)  Don’t play any one game too long.  Leave them wanting more.

4)  Add tapestry to games by switching gears often.  If you are going to do three games, begin with a sitting down game, to a movement games to a thinking game.

5)  Play games that involve more than one style of interaction – not always sports, not always thinking games.

6)  Pull people in to action by inviting inactive bystanders to be judges, line boundaries, and scorekeepers.  Also, make sure adult leaders are connecting and playing – it’s a great way to build relationships with students!

7)  Know your group, know your goal. There are many reasons to play games and many games to choose from.  If you find something that works well with your typical group of students, keep going with it.


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