One Big Reason To Share What You’ve Learned

When we share with others what we are learning, it cements it in us. We begin to understand it more clearly. It helps grow those around us.

However, the biggest reason may be that it doesn’t cost us a thing!

I’ve heard it said, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

In what ways are you sharing what you are learning with others? Here are three ways:

Write It

Ben Franklin once quipped, “if you want to be remembered in life, write something worth readin’ about or do something worth writin’ about.” One of the beauties of this day and age is the multiple ways you can write something and share it. You don’t have to publish a book, you can write something you’re learning on your social media feed or in a blog post.

Pastors and preachers should be taking their messages, writing them out and saving them digitally. Any meaningful devotions or articles should be saved and collected for others to learn from. Don’t let what you’ve learned slip away – someone else can benefit.

Talk About It

Share what you’re learning in a conversation, presentation or message. If you hear something interesting, talk about it at dinner with your family. For example, my daughter has been working on the 5 W’s of journalism in school. She has been going through news stories pulling out the basic facts. I learned a fun little fact: if you replace the “w” with a “t” in What, When and Where, it answers the question (That, Then and There)!  Didn’t help her much for her projects, but it was a fun little thing to share and talk about.

The other day, my granny shared some of her thoughts on the nativity story. I just learned from some members of our worship team last night about a new program we can use. I also recently heard my daughters talking about a new game to play on the iPad.

As we talk about what we learn, we share little things to help people grow. On a side note, we also need to be recipients at times.

Meet Together

Intentionally get together with peers, colleagues or young leaders in your ministry for the specific purpose of sharing what you’ve learned. These kinds of meetings help fuel ideas and help move ministries and organizations forward. Every pastor needs a group like this in some way.

Young couples learn about living a faithful married life as they meet with older couples and learn the ropes. Younger pastors learn the art of staying in it for the long haul as they meet with older pastors who have seen it all.

When we meet with someone for the purpose of learning and growing, both parties benefit.

Next time you have a request to meet and talk with someone, listen, encourage and share what you’re learning.

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