Three Ways To Maximize Mondays

Mondays are notoriously rough days. It’s the end of the weekend, school starts, and work begins abruptly. Ask any group of folks and at least one person will say some version of “Monday mornings are the worst.”

A quick internet search of “Monday” images generates a summary of what our general culture thinks of Monday mornings.

Since Mondays represent 1/7 of our lives, we don’t want to hate them! But there may be a bit of truth to the jolt of Monday. If that’s you, here are some things to think about:

Monday mornings aren’t for direction, development or decisions.

Don’t set huge life direction goals or make major decisions, especially on Monday morning. Don’t quit your job on a Monday. Allow the big rocks of your planning, work and  development to come later in the week. If you feel motivated to act on Monday morning, then of course you’re free too, but set your Monday schedule up so that you’re not forced to make those kinds of decisions.

Instead, use Mondays for….


In many ways, Mondays are the in-between day. There are still loose ends to tie up from the week or weekend before. There are also plans to be made for the week ahead. You’re wrapping up and prepping at the same time. In fact, plan in some time to do all the little things to set yourself up for a successful week.  Send the notes you need to send. Follow up on email. Connect the dots for a coming project or presentation. Set your schedule for home. Get things ready for success in the coming days. Do errands, straighten your space, clean our your car. Get the details out of the way.


Catch up with people. Ask questions and listen. Enjoy conversations. Make some plans for the coming weekend. Subscribe to a joke of the day email – it will be sure to make you smile, especially since one study claims that the average worker doesn’t crack a smile until 11:16 am on Mondays! Make plans for a trip or vacation you’re looking forward to. Do some online shopping. Be generous! Go to work early and leave a little early if you can. Delight yourself in the ways of the Lord through prayer and scripture. God promises to give us the desires of our hearts.


Mondays represent a fresh beginning each week. Determine to use this to your advantage. Set up lessons to learn something new each Monday. Determine to exercise every Monday – it will probably trickle into a formed habit for you. Did you know Mondays are the most crowded day for most gyms?  It’s also the day that most smokers decide to quick smoking. It’s a day to hone in on your determination. Determine to be joyful today. Determine not to complain. Determine to encourage others.


In the world of ministry, Mondays bring their own uniqueness. For starters, Sunday is the first day of the week, as it is represented on the calendar and for my personal calendar flow. But Mondays also bring the start to the flow of the office work leading up to next weekend as well. In some circles, the church office is closed on Mondays to recoup from Sunday. In our context, the church office is closed on Friday, so the work week is Sunday – Thursday. We have staff meetings on Mondays as well as lots of little details and deadlines. If I have been out for a weekend of ministry, I try to lay low on Monday mornings to take care of things around the house and with the family. I also make sure the schedule is set for maximum impact Tuesday through Thursday, leading up to the next weekend and beyond.

Everyone sets their own schedule and lives, but Mondays can be great!

See, I am making all things new! – Jesus

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