Never Stop Being A Student

Do you learn something new each day? How do you keep learning?

It’s important to keep being a student. Some of this happens naturally, but here are some focus areas:

Be a student of God’s Word.

Develop the discipline of studying God’s Word. Learn all you can. Journal and take notes. Memorize scripture. Apply what you learn by living it and sharing it.

Be a student of other leaders.

You can learn so much from other leaders. Ask great questions, learn to listen well and do what you can to get yourself to speakers, conferences and events and/or read great books.

Be a student of your spouse’s personality and gifts.

Keep learning all you can about your spouse and his or her gifts, stories, likes and preferences.

Be a student of your child’s history.

Keep notes on things your kids say when they’re younger, keep track of their medical details, and listen carefully to see what they think about and like to talk about.

Be a student of your church.

Learn all you can about your church – the history, the stories, and the timelines. Learn how the church began, issues and stories of key players. Do you know the oldest member of your church? Do you know the personality of your church and how relationships work in your congregation?

Be a student of your community.

Be a student of your community and region. Here are 12 things every church should know about their community.

Be a student of your own personality.

Don’t go overboard with this, but learn about how you operate. Take personality tests, invite feedback from your friends, family and coworkers and keep a mental note about what works best for you – such as the time of day for your most focused work, how you respond in a crisis, etc.

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  1. Such a great post. Being a student in all dimensions of life. Am blessed and will keep learning.
    Didn’t understand “answer in digits ” caption

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