Mid Summer Update


We’re half way through the summer ministry. Harvest began in 1996 as a summer ministry team, comprised of young adults, serving the church by leading worship at youth camps, children’s camp and ministry events.  This is our 20th year and it’s been an amazing first half of the summer!

A big thanks to the prayer team for their commitment to partnering with us in prayer.  The spirit of God has been at work as the team has served day in and day out since June 8.  The summer ministry schedule isn’t for the faint at heart and we are grateful for both the discipline and joy of serving together in ministry with our strong summer prayer team.  Thanks be to God for the energy, health and spirit in this group!  Praise God for his faithfulness.

Here are the people who have served (and are serving) this summer:

Emily Gray, Sadie Murbarger, Blake Stahlhut, Nathan Peel, Gabe Smith, James Deming, Kim Przybylski, Andy Hite, Trenton Gonzales, Bobby Davis and Curt Franklin.

A big thanks to Directors and Leaders:

A big thanks to the folks who have led camps and events and invited Harvest to serve!  Tim Peace, Gary Pearce, Sharon Louks, Deborah Riddle, Amy Ellis, Lee Harrison, Troy UMC, Elmwood UMC, Greenwood Manor, UM Village (Godfrey), Effingham Culvers, and Kurt Stone, David Roderick, and Natalie Carlson.  A Special thanks to Leanne Willis, Alex Mitchel, Suzanne Price, Bethany Doane and Shelby Riddle for help with tech during events!

A big thanks to team member families:

It’s not an easy task coordinating schedules, trips and camp teams!  Thanks to the families of all the team members who are helping things to go smooth.  Your partnership and encouragement is great.  A special thanks to Suzanne, Ruby and Macy Price for your part in traveling with Harvest!

Hospitality is over the top:

There have been so many folks who have extended generous hospitality to our team this summer!  I have leaned over the years that some of the greatest impact in the lives of Harvest team members comes from the experience from receiving hospitality from the greater church.  From taking the team to lunch, to having them stay in their homes, true hospitality is a hallmark of Christians.   Thanks to all of you!

Reminded of Giftedness:

God blesses each Christian with gifts to be used in the church.  I’m thankful watching the gifts of these young adults unfold, become invested and grow.   We are all learning and both the music and ministry have been thriving.  I love this quote:  “Anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.”  I can see each of the team members this year going on to do great things in the kingdom!  And I’m looking forward to see how God uses their gifts in the church.

Some other highlights:


Lincoln Museum


Worship and Music

Sadie on piano, retirement village 

Singing in Culvers

Moonshine Burgers



Golf Carts 

Cozy Dog Drive Inn

Rockbridge Lunch

Harvest Shirts! 



New T-Shirt

Ruby singing with Harvest at the Retirement Village

Lake House

Relationships and Connections

ER Trip from stepping on a nail

Loading the van 

Crashed a Family Reunion

Praying together as a team

Ice Cream Stops

Leading Kids 

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Harvest EP Cover 2015The New CD has been on iTunes for a few months, but just last week, we got the physical CD’s in the mail.  If you would like one, order here and we will ship it out!


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