Six Steps To Turning Your Church Around


If you are a leader in a church that needs to get back on track in terms of mission, growth, or connecting with the community, then take some time to focus on these things.  This is most easily done if you are the pastor, but if you are a church member with a gift of leadership and a heart for your church, you can also begin to implement some of these things!

Turning your church around is not an easy process. It takes time.  But this list is a practical way to start the process.

1. Focus on Scripture

What is a church?  What does the church look like in Scripture?  How does Jesus speak about the kingdom?  Why does Jesus love the church?  What makes Jesus cry about the church?  What does Scripture teach us?  How can we begin living as the church Jesus loves and died for?

2. Prayer Events

What does God need from our church?  What do we need to hear from God?  What is our next step?  How can we as a church be totally submitted to God’s will?  What kinds of prayer events could be scheduled?  How could we begin to increase the spiritual fervor and prayer life in our congregation today?

3. People Focus

Can we be an answer to prayer for people in our community?  What is one thing we can set up where we can help someone in our community or people at large in our community.  In what ways can we invite people?  How can we begin to serve someone in our community?

4. Kid Focus

Create a focus on the next generation.  What is something we can do to change the tide toward a goal of reaching kids?  Can we reach out to children even if they aren’t “in” our church?  How can we invite kids?  What can we invite them to?

5. Impressions Makeover

How does the community see our church? What can we improve?  What are some simple steps we can take to help make our church more attractive? One simple step is the website.  The next is the grounds around the building. A simple website, new landscaping and fresh paint, none of which are budget breakers, can be accomplished with some vision and umph.

6. Understand the End Goal

What constitutes a healthy church? What is our end goal for this time period?  One end goal is for people to invite others.  Build a culture of invitation and connection with the community.  This must start with the pastor and church leaders.

(This post is based on some notes I jotted down after reading an article or post sometime back. I can’t remember the source).

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