Keep Setting Worthy Goals And Working On Them – It’s Important!

Back in 1980, Rosie Ruiz wanted to win the Boston Marathon so badly she cheated. She won the award, but was stripped of her title days later when officials realized what she had done. She had a goal to win the marathon. In the absence of that goal, she may not have tried the run and wouldn’t have considered cheating.

Goals have a powerful influence. They motivate us and may override long-term values and habits.

Our mind is always working on the goals we have, especially the ones we write down. Goals are like problems to solve. Once we have goals to attain, our minds are working toward the end day and night. It’s a powerful part of what Dr. John Bargh describes in his book, Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do.

This insight brings up a few thoughts regarding goals in our lives:

Create Worthy Goals

Goals really work, so we need to create worthy goals and write them down. Create your goals for this year through prayer, deep thinking, and reflection on the call in your life.

Keep Making Progress

if you ignore a goal too long, your mind begins to realize you’re not going to do anything. You feel stress for not accomplishing your goal and your mind convinces you that you will never accomplish it. It’s important to take actionable steps.

Try making a plan to take one small step such as making a phone call or buying the first needed piece of equipment to support your goal. This will let your mind rest. Breaking goals into smaller, bite-sized goals is a huge step toward accomplishing them.

Goals Are Effective And Powerful

Writing down a goal can translate to locking it into your heart and mind. Accomplishing a goal is powerful. Don’t miss the opportunity to accomplish something great this year. More importantly, never let your goals override your longtime values and doing what is right.

As we turned the corner on this new year, the pastor of our church posted this: “You are God’s beloved no matter what. Your performance does not determine your worth in the eyes of Jesus. So go out and conquer your goals, but do so knowing how loved you already are.”

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  1. I had to do a little wiki-dive on Rosie. Interesting. She must have been a good actress, in the very least.

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