I meant, Go Harvest.

I decided a good domain for the Harvest Facebook page would  be “facebook.com/goharvest”.  I meant it as a command, as in, “Go harvest that field.”
After it was all set up, someone said it with the inflection of a cheer, “Go Harvest… Yea!”  At first I was kind of embarrassed.  But now it’s grown on me.  Either one works.  I love the mandate from Jesus.  In fact, it was his only prayer request – for more workers in the harvest field.  But I also like the cheer – it’s what the church needs! It’s what our ministry needs.  Encouragement to keep on moving forward in the mission Jesus gave us –go into all the world.  The fields are ripe and ready!  Keep up the good work.

Ready? Ok…!  Go Harvest!

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