History is being made…

I recently was at a campground gift shop in Michigan.  I noticed a little plaque for sale that said:  “ON THIS SITE IN 1897… Nothing happened”.  It made me laugh and I took a picture. 

Just a few days later, I was at a church in Middlesburg, PA and as I walked through the lower door, I noticed this sign: ” Hummel’s Church – 1897″.  It caught my eye.  I began reflecting about how history is always being made, whether we care to realize it or not.  Our decisions, thoughts and actions at any given moment shape who we are, thereby shaping those people and organizations around us.  In what ways are you making history today? In the way you care for your family or those around you, in the way that you give your best to the organization you lead or serve in, or how you use your gifts that God has given you to show his love in this world?  You are making history! 


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