Relaxing Ride…

I was pulling my youngest daughter in the wagon the other morning when I turned around to see her like this picture – totally relaxed and ready to be taken anywhere.  She didn’t even budge when I took her picture early that morning. 

This picture gives me a feeling of what it’s like to live life with God in control.  When we come to terms with the fact that God has a plan for our lives and desires the best for us, we can relax and enjoy the ride.  There are several scriptures that come to mind, such as, Proverbs 3:5-6, 1 Peter 5:7, and the first part of Isaiah 43 just to name a few. 

But the main thing that comes to mind is how much I enjoyed the fact that Macy was enjoying the ride – totally confident in me to take her safely to whatever was next.  I want to live with that kind of child like trust in God the father. 

Where in our lives do you and I need to sit back, relax and trust in the Lord?  What is stopping us?

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