Gifts of 2011 Harvest Team

I was amazed at the way gifts were played out during the summer ministry. I always believe that the Lord sends the right people for the right seasons. I am grateful that he assembled this team for 2011.  It was a team of faith.  

Kim Przybylski was the assistant team leader this summer – helping with the organization, details and administrative tasks.  She has been a part of Harvest for a few years and knows many aspects of the ministry.  Kim played keyboard and did vocals.  She also learned bass for a few of the ten word songs.  For a couple years, Kim played violin with Harvest.  This summer, because we didn’t have a lead guitar, she was able to learn most of those parts on the keyboard.  Kim is gifted both musically, relationally and organizationally. She took care of all the books, registration for camps, and other things. 

Tyler Lynn played drums this summer.  An interesting fact about Tyler is that he was a part of the Troy UMC children’s choir that helped sing on the Walk in the Light CD almost ten years ago now.  Tyler has gifts in leadership and in dealing with people.  He has a strong presence when he is around a group and people respond to him. One night, during on the devotions he led for a whole camp, he talked about made an analogy about how a fire is build and related it to making disciples for Jesus.  Tyler also always came up to ask me the song list, typed it in his phone and stayed on top of details.  Tyler also started catch phrases among the group and the camps were at.  He is a people person. 

Bonnie Pocklington spent her second summer with Harvest and did a great job on vocals and in writing songs.  She is also became the informal historian, keeping track of all the memories! Bonnie is great at going deep in relationships.  Both with team members and campers – adults and kids – she is able to walk along side them, get to know them and make a genuine impact. Harvest does something called “ten words songs” where the camp gives us ten words and we write a song about it.  Bonnie took the lead on getting lyrics for those this summer and did a great job!  There are videos of some of the ten words songs online at  

Max Luetkemeier played bass and saxophone this summer.  Max had never seen or experienced Harvest before signing up to travel with the team.  He did a great job making adding new life into the music and the ministry.  Max is a thinker and was able to go deep in conversation, theories and thought processes.  He did an incredible job speaking during worship services and devotions.  One night, he talked about how he always orders the same thing at Subway – always has, always will. He related that to God’s faithfulness.  Kid’s responded.  Several songs, Max jumped on saxophone while Kim played the bass line on the keyboard.  Max is gifted at improv on the sax!  He was a mix of positive, upbeat and laid back.  He helped keep the energy up in the group. 

James Deming is from Metropolis, IL and not only served in the tech area, but was talented in other areas too!  He played drums for one week when we needed a substitute, he did videos, he did the dramas and he took care of the children’s messages with Roy! James had a unique mix of abilities to connect with people.  During one camp, he had a vision to do a fun dance for the talent show.  He and Bonnie lined up kids, worked with them all afternoon and did it!  It was incredible stuff.  One day, James wanted to make a puppet to use for a children’s message.  We went to wal-mart, bought some supplies and he did it!  Unbelievable. James never said an unkind word about anyone and was a terrific asset to the team this summer.  

The 2011 Harvest Summer Team was also joined by Josh Eastin, Drew Alexander, Zak Stoldt, and Jackson Price for one shot things.  I was also personally glad to have my wife Suzanne and daughters Ruby and Macy join with us for many of the weeks. 

The gifts and faith of each team member came together to create a dynamic mix of ministry this summer.  Individually and as a group, we were able to share the message of Jesus in a million ways with literally hundreds of kids!  It was powerful.  I praise the Lord for his work in us this summer.  It was  fun to see the gifts of this team grow over the summer and I am looking forward to hearing what happens next with each person!

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