Harvest: Year #17

Today, the 2012 Harvest Team will come to Troy, IL.  This will be the 17th summer that young adults from around the state and Midwest have been on a team to serve in ministry.  This group of college students has applied to come, raised support as a team and will be training for a week before heading to camps, churches and events for eight weeks.

The mission of Harvest is to develop young leaders and to provide a resource to the church.  We do this using Harvest as a vehicle.  Young adults grow and learn while using their gifts to serve in a needed area in the kingdom – children, youth and summer camping ministry.

Few experiences teach a person about the servant heart of worship leadership more than singing at children and youth camps all summer.

My prayer, again for this year, is that gifts and desires for ministry and service will be awakened in the lives of these young adults on the 2012 Harvest Team.  I’m also praying for the countless children, youth and adults that we will have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with this summer.  And, I’m also praying for my own spirit, that I might grow in faith this summer.

There have been about 200 young adults serve on Harvest Teams since the first year in 1996.  It’s been an amazing journey and I’m grateful for the opportunities we have to serve in this unique niche.

So, it’s beginning. Literally, we meet this morning – in about four hours and we will be together each day until August 3 (give or take a couple breaks). Eight weeks together is a long time.  Lots of formation.  Lots of memories.  Lots of informal time together.  And I think the informal time blocks may be the place where faith really rubs off on people. It’s not just a 40 hour a week job.  It’s not a one week trip – it’s two month of our lives invested in serving together.  Pray with me for a supernatural connection among our team and to the people with who we share Christ’s Love.

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