Do you know the goal for a creative subject line?

Subject lines on emails, facebook posts and advertisements are important to get people’s attention.

The goal of the creative subject line or article title isn’t just to be cute or clever. The single goal of the subject line is to get people to open the email or article.  The goal of the email or article is then to lead them to the church website or to take other action.

Once they go to the website or take action, we still have not reached our goal.  We want to them to become involved – we want them in church.  But is the goal to get people in church?

Well, the ultimate goal is to get people connected to Jesus.  We want people to grow deeper in their faith as they put their trust in Jesus.

Summary: Creative Subject Line >> Read Email >> Connect on Website >> Attend Church >> Grow in faith in Christ.

Creative communication is crucial for the overarching goal of any church!


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