How to increase attendance at events in just 20 minutes

This is a generalization, but often, a pastor, staff person or active church member will invest twenty or more hours in developing a particular outreach event and not invest the needed time to invite the community.

Publicity is a huge part of making sure that an event is successful and often the event details over shadow the publicity.  Here are five ways to invest 20 (or maybe some more) minutes to make sure you have publicity covered.

Delegate:  Spend twenty minutes getting someone on your team who can take care of getting all the publicity going for the event. Delegating this role will pay huge dividends.

Free Releases: There are lots of free and simple resources for getting the word out – Christian Radio Web Calendars, local publications (printed or website), Community Calendars.

Facebook: A really simple and free way to spread the word!

Pull In Professionals:  Budget some money to go toward advertising using a company for email blasts, printed material, or publication in magazines, getting something on the “fridges” in the homes of your community.

Get people involved:  The more people you have involved, the more word of mouth advertising you’ll have.  Encourage your leadership teams to invite people.

There really isn’t any point in having everything ready but forgetting to invite people.  In fact, if I had to choose, I would sacrifice, ever so slightly, the organization of the event for time spent on publicity.  Of course, the best way is to be on your game on both fronts, but either way, if you’re not going to invest time in publicity, don’t bother investing in the other either.


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