Generosity Lingers

GenerosityWe’ve just finished staining the Harvest drum set and getting new drum heads.  The story behind this Harvest drum set is amazing.  We had just finished leading worship for a ministry event in Vandalia, IL.  Brian Hosick, the leader for the event that night, asked us if we ever needed drums.  He had purchased a set, but didn’t wind up using them as he thought he would.  Before we left that evening, Brian had given us the drums.  Many Harvest drummers have used them and they been an incredible asset.  Additionally, we’ve told the story countless times to people all over the country.

Another guy named Jeff left his bass amp in the Harvest trailer at the end of one summer season.  It’s become a joke for the last decade that he has been storing it in there, but we still use it on a regular basis.  Another guy named Merik gave us an old trailer – we used it for ten years before getting a newer one two years ago.

Theo donated some cymbals.  Mike let us use a pair of subs indefinitely.  And there are many other stories too.

The value of the witness and the memories of generosity have exceeded the actual value of the physical items many times over. Generosity lingers.  It goes far beyond the gift given.


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