‘Looking Forward To’ VS ‘Keeping Track Of’

packed calendarWhen I was a kid, the little league game happened once a week.  And I was only on one team per season.  I not only looked forward to going to the game but getting ice cream at Dairy Queen afterwards.  Now days, I literally hear people talking about being at two or three different games per day – up to eight or ten per weekend depending on how many sports, leagues and number of children.  It trumps family time, church life and spiritual health.

When I was little, we anticipated trips, vacations and other fun simple things.  Now days, it seems we have to work hard to squeeze it in running at breakneck speeds before leaving and after getting home just to keep up.  Family time as part of the regular schedule is precious and rare.

Back in the old days, the weekend was a time of fun, relaxation, time with family, being at home on Friday nights and going to church on Sunday morning.  Now days, the weekends are packed with everything under the sun – from dance recitals, to practices, to events, opportunities, games, schedules, being on the phone, volunteering, etc.  Most of these are fun and fine things… but I wonder if I’ve crossed the line?  Instead of having time to look forward to these great things, I’m spending all my time trying to keep track of them – barely making it from one thing to the next.

I once heard that you need time in life to 1) anticipate, 2) do and 3) remissness.  If you are “doing” so much that you don’t have time for the other two, you may be missing out on more than you realize.

I’m all for a full life…  But I need time to think, look forward to and expect great things.  The trade off – not having as much on the schedule – will make it sweeter overall.


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