Five Ways To Worship At Home

snowy sunday
Our church services were cancelled today because of snow.  Here are five ways that you might incorporate worship at home today!

1) Read the Bible and Pray

Open up the Bible and read a verse.  Maybe have each person share their favorite verse.  Pray for things together.

2) Give God Thanks for Blessings in Life

Go around the breakfast table and share ways that God has blessed your life.  Look for and list as many things as you can. Nothing fancy, just turning your attention toward God’s great gifts is an act worship.  And a snow day gives us the gift of time to do so.

3) Give Offering Online

Giving online allows you to give even when you have to miss a weekend worship service for whatever reason.  Faithful disciples must develop their budget around giving on a regular basis.  Giving online is one great way for this to happen.  Online Giving at Troy UMC   (If you don’t have a church home or if feel led to partner with Harvest Ministry, you can also give to Harvest Ministry online!)

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4) Visit the Church Facebook Page & Praise God

Recount God’s blessings and give thanks for the church.  Our church isn’t perfect and your church isn’t perfect, but we still love the church.  And we pray for future ministry together in the community around us.

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5) Play Games and Enjoy the Sabbath Together

Enjoy the morning.  Read, talk, go slow, and have breakfast.  Then, play a couple games.  This is especially important for church leaders – both volunteer and paid.   Most Sunday mornings are focused on serving and leading, an opportunity for which we are grateful.  Today’s snow day is a gift!



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