Fire-Up Conference – 20 Years

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The 2016 Conference marks 20 years of Fire-Up! Twenty years of students giving their lives to Christ and twenty years of this unique ministry with this next generation.

We’re looking forward to February 26-28, 2016!  We’re praying for a great weekend, powerful message and lots of wonderful community together.

LEGACY is the 2016 theme.  The Fire-Up Core Team discussed how too many teens don’t think choices matter much. The question isn’t “will you leave a legacy?” but rather, “what kind of legacy will you leave”?

Our goal during the Fire-Up Weekend is raise the expectation in the lives of students in 9-12th grade, inviting them to follow Christ with their lives and allow Jesus to lead their every day choices for kingdom living!

Every area youth worker is invited to talk with their students about getting a group together and attending the event. Every high school student should invite a friend.  It’s going to be a powerful weekend!

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Fire-Up Conference

February 26-28, 2016 

Troy, Illinois 

 Speaker:  Brooklyn Lindsey

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If you have a fire-up story or memory, we would love for you to submit it!  We’re currently making plans for a time capsule idea for Fire-Up this year.  If you attended Fire-Up as a student, have helped, have hosted, have served, send a note to or leave a comment below.



If you are youth worker, make plans to bring a group to Fire-Up 2016!  If you are a Sunday school teacher, parent or pastor, work with high school students in your area to get a group to attend!  You can get all the information you need here. Promo

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2 thoughts on “Fire-Up Conference – 20 Years”

  1. A few highlights :
    Dozens of kids piling around a boy with cancer..praying, reaching out to lay hands on him — and very few even knew his name.
    Floor spaces full of kids praying, crying, letting go of hurt, confusion, guilt that had been holding them back from a close relationship with HIM.
    The moment a kid realized & accepted that “Hey, I really do matter!” and began to see themselves in a whole new, happier way.

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