About Men In Student Ministry Leadership

Maybe it’s because Beth Moore was in town.  But I noticed an uncanny amount of men leading the student ministry groups that attended a recent conference we hosted.

A high percentage of the churches that brought students were led by male leaders.

This post isn’t a post about male versus female leadership, obviously, we need both.  It’s more about an observation.

I think it’s extremely important for young men, especially, to see older guys taking the lead in the church. There is a chance that spiritual life “stuff” could be seen as something emotional, non-essential, and too weird. It’s good for young men to see older, faithful, Christian men involved in ministry leadership and living out their faith.

Young women, too, need to see that guys can grow up and be church leaders and faithful attendees. I’m not a researcher, but I can think of more women that attend church on their own without their husbands than the other way around.

Students need to see what healthy adult relationships look like between men and women. Just like they need a male role model and a female role model at home (mom and dad), they need to experience this at church too.

Male leaders offer strength and adventure and female leaders typically offer stability and nurture. Students need both!

If you are a male in leadership here are a few things you can do to enhance your ministry:


Share your love for Jesus

Use your words to let your students know you love Jesus.

Pull in female leadership

Intentionally invite females to help in the ministry to students.

Use your gifts for ministry

If you like camping and hiking, plan a couple trips for guys or for the whole group and take that adventure.

Build rock solid accountability

Most often, the heart-wrenching student ministry moral failure stories deal with men. Build thick walls of accountability. Never be alone with one student. Never drive one student or only female students. Add accountability software to your computer that sends emails of every site you visit to a couple of trusted, Christian friends. Be very careful to keep your social media channels clean and above reproach. Don’t get into frivolous texting loops with students, especially of the opposite sex.


Thanks to every single person who works in local church ministry to the next generation. But for this post, a special thanks to the men who serve in paid and volunteer student ministry roles!  Keep up the good work!

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