One Key To Selling Anything: A Relationship

I’ve been reading The 100 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Business by Brian Tracy. One of the laws is called the Law of Relationships.

In an age where products keep getting more and more complex, consumers are taking more and more uncertain risks as they make purchases, large or small.  As a result, the relationship they have with the seller becomes the key.

People don’t buy the product or service only. They “buy” the people selling the product first.  It’s important to remember that it’s more than just telling people what they need and trying to get them to take it, we must genuinely care about them and how the product or service will help them.

Here are his three points:

  1. The customer wants a relationship first.
  2. The relationship must continue after the sale.
  3. The relationship is more important than the service or product.

I’m sure this is hard even in a business world, but what about ministry? In many ways, the relationship is the end goal.

Here’s what I was thinking:

The church is here to offer Jesus to people. We’ve learned over and over that money spent on Facebook ads, publicity, banners and signs have their place,  but don’t typically, alone, connect new people. The thing that really sells a new person on Jesus and his church are the relationships they form with Christ followers.

Life is complex.  People are designed to turn toward something outside themselves. Jesus is the answer. But it’s going to require people to share God’s love with them, in the context of a relationship.

I believe evangelism is still important.  And for a few folks the stranger preaching from the street corner might hit at the right place and right time and have an impact. Praise the Lord for those people and those moments.  But I believe that it’s more effective to have believers live out their lives, connected to Jesus, the vine. Then, as their lives shine brightly – even in the everyday stuff we all have to deal with – God’s spirit in them will be attractive.

The relationship is key in offering Jesus to people.

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