A Three Step Vision From Granger Church

three step

I like the vision that Tim Stevens talks about in his book Vision: Lost and Found: The Story Of A Church That Got Stuck but Didn’t Stay There.

After a year long, all church season of trying to get their church unstuck, here’s what Granger Church came up with:

B. A. R.

Be The Church.

Activate the Campus.


1. BE THE CHURCH: They wanted each person to be the church. You don’t just attend church, you are the church.  Live it out in your work place, in your home and every where you are.  What are some practical things each member can do to be the church?

2. ACTIVATE THE CAMPUS:  Their church weighed the options of being focusing on being an attractional church (set up the program and invite people in) and focus on the missional side of church (where the church meets and works more outside of the building).  With all the talk about which would be better, they determined they wanted to do both and do them well.  The first step was to activate the campus.  Get more ministry happening, open the doors to more groups, more opportunities and more ways of reaching people. Examples included hosting the after prom party.

3. REPRODUCE: The church wanted to focus on the main goal of the church – to reproduce, to make disciples!  They began to put emphasis on this area at all levels of the church from leadership, to groups, to sermons and more.


B.A.R – Easy to remember, with action filled steps every church member can take. Does your church have a simple vision concept to help your church members live it out each day?  It’s always inspiring to me to read what other churches do and have done and I wanted to share this with you.

Pick up a copy of Tim’s book here.


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