Get Your Vision from the Clouds to the Calendar


Being a leader at any level requires moving the vision forward every day.  If you don’t intentionally cast the vision and keep it in front, it will be impossible to grow your team, your people and your organization.  You need to do something every day to move the vision forward.

I liked the way I heard it the other day – “you need to get your vision out of the clouds and onto the calendar.”  Here are some ways this might play out:


Vision: Grow your leadership team.

Calendar:  Schedule a lunch with the key people and learn something new.

Vision:  Begin a new ministry.

Calendar: Spend time praying for the right person to lead it.  Schedule time to develop the details for the new ministry.

Vision:  Become a writer.

Calendar:  Block off time in your calendar to write.

Vision:  To get in shape.

Calendar: Schedule time to go to the gym.


What gets scheduled gets done.  Today is a great day to move the vision forward by getting a concrete plan on the calendar.



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