5 Ways To Live! (Instruction from 1 Peter)

A few instructions on how to live from 1 Peter chapter 1:

Live with Great Expectation (1:3)

Because by his great mercy, we have been born again and we have a priceless inheritance, beyond the reach of change or decay. We can be glad, there is joy ahead!

Live in Obedience (1:4)

We must live as God’s children, trusting his instruction and doing our best not to slip into old habits. We’re growing up in faith and we know better now.

Live with Hope (1:21)

We can place our trust and hope and God because he raised Jesus from the dead. We believe in the story, but often forget the powerful hope it gives to each of believer.

Live with Love (1:22)

Throwing off the sin, we can sincerely and authentically love our brothers and sisters.

Live with an Eternal Perspective (1:23)

Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal God as a gift. The grass will wither and the flowers will fade, but the word of the Lord remains forever.


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