10 Questions About Faith

faithAnd he did not do many miracles there, because of their lack of faith.     – Matthew 13:58

Jesus couldn’t do miracles because of their lack of faith?  According to this, he needs us to have faith – he needs us to believe.

So, this blog is dedicated to asking questions about our faith…. 

Do we believe that Jesus can take our lives and make them new?

Do we believe that our jobs can become more rewarding?

Do we have faith that God will give us wisdom to deal with a problem?

Do we have faith that our marriage can be healed, that our child can come back around, that we can be healthy again?

Do we believe miracles can still happen today? 

Do we believe that Jesus can work in people’s lives? 

Do we believe that the gospel is true?  

Do we have faith that God can become real to ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our country, our world? 

Do we really have faith that those things can happen? 

Do we believe that people can come to our church in need and have those needs filled. 

What miracles are waiting to happen in conjunction with our faith?


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