Why Friendships With Ministry Leaders are Important

It’s important for ministry leaders to be connected with others … especially other ministry leaders. Connections and networking happen in almost all jobs and industries; sharing similar work experiences builds a sense of camaraderie. Christians, especially Christian leaders, should lead the way in making those connections as friendships are important at all levels.

Here are five reasons friendships with other ministry leaders are essential for you.


Connecting with other ministry leaders and building friendships encourages you through conversation and ideas. It’s nice to share stories about your churches. Encouragement comes as you do things together outside your ministry roles (trips, talks, meals, etc.). In ministry events, conferences, and other settings, it’s encouraging to connect with friends.

Outside Perspective

Though friendships within your church are awesome and should be developed, friendships with other ministry leaders who aren’t connected to your congregation are gold. Ministry leaders need a chance to talk through decisions, issues, and struggles with a neutral party. Always be cautious when talking about your church folk, even to non-connected friends. These days of modern technology, connections run deep.

Speak Your Language

Others serving in ministry can speak your language. They understand the frameworks, issues, and roadblocks. They understand the world of leadership committees, volunteers, part-time staff, vision casting, budgets and giving, communication, and hurtful things like people leaving the church. Not all conversations with friends have to sound like counseling sessions, but when the chips are down, it’s nice to know someone understands where you’re coming from.

No Deep End

People with deeper connections and friendships are less likely to go off the deep end. Even without specifically stating so, you provide accountability to each other. When you have deeper connections, you are more likely to realize the impact of your choices and less likely to quit your ministry role, make drastic decisions, or succumb to moral failure.

Opportunity to Listen & Learn

Friendships with other leaders give you an opportunity to listen and learn. Being connected with other ministry leaders lessens the possibility of “competition” mindset. Encourage others, don’t talk bad about other ministries or ministry leaders. Instead, listen to your friend’s struggles and successes.


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