Focus Is A Powerful Discipline (Focus Can Be Improved!)

We have this incredibly effective tool at our disposal. But we must learn how to use it.

Focus is like a mental muscle. It develops the more we practice. Focus begins with determining what needs your focus.

Too often, I find myself focusing on two or three things. That doesn’t work. I’ve learned to write out my “deep work” project for the next morning. When I focus on that one thing for an hour, I move through rest of the day with momentum.

Here are ways to help grow the discipline of focus.

1. Determine Your Focus

Determine what you need to focus on and you’re halfway there.

2. Turn Off Notifications

Do whatever you can to stop your notifications from coming in during a focus time.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Do your best to have a cool room temperature. Clear your space to prepare to focus. Decrease interruptions by closing your door or wearing headphones.

It also helps me to not have small tasks hanging over my head. Finishing a quick email or turning something in with a deadline helps free my mind to focus.

4. Good Sleep

Good sleep habits have a tremendous bearing on your focus. Set up good bed time routines and morning rituals. Your focus will improve as your sleeping habits and disciplines improve.

5. Start With The Big Project First

Starting with your more difficult projects helps produce momentum that continues through the day.

6. Listen To Music

Listening to music, especially instrumental music, can inspire and motivate you to focus. It can also serve as white noise to drown out background conversations and disturbances.

7. Take A Break

Taking strategic breaks can make a world of difference. Giving a little space and change of pace to your focus can increase your focus overall. Shoot for taking a break after 60 or 90 minutes of uninterrupted work.


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