Two Words That Sum Up Living Victoriously

In his book, The Secret Of Happiness, Billy Graham shares a story of someone asking about a victorious life. Though there isn’t a formula, two words could describe it: surrender and devotion.

Surrender and Devotion

Nothing can replace daily devotions and time with the Lord.

Hudson Taylor once said, “Never mind how great the pressure is – only where the pressure lies. Never let it come between you and the Lord.”

Our times of quiet, scripture, and prayer with the Lord bring about power in our hearts, produce a happy life, and keep us living victoriously despite outward circumstances.

Seeking God each day fills our desire to hunger and thirst after righteousness. Neglecting our spiritual life and devotion can numb our appetite for God and the things of God. We eventually become filled with ourselves. That’s a recipe for trouble.

What are the steps to devotion?

Devotion is more of a habit than a todo list. Sitting quietly with the Lord is a powerful way to have communion with Jesus. Reading scripture and praying is a way of allowing God to shape your heart and line up your goals, attitudes, and ideas with His will.

As our devotion grows, our relationship with God grows. We begin to understand when Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, they shall be filled.”

Through surrender and devotion to Jesus, our lives are truly filled, blessed and happy.

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