Three Phases For Emerging Young Adults

I’ve been reading an awesome book called Growing With by Kara Powell and Steven Arue. If you are a parent of a student between the ages of 13 through the 20’s, you have to get this book and read even just the first couple of chapters.

Here’s their breakdown and snapshot of three phases for emerging young adults:


Between the ages of 13-18, your child is in a learning stage. In the midst of rapid physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual change and growth, learners are increasingly aware of their abilities, flaws, and possibilities.


Between the ages of 18-23, this phase is often accompanied by being away from home more. Though excited about the possibilities, they are often unsure of themselves. During this time they pursue their goals, relationships, and beliefs.


Between the ages of 23-29, emerging adults have usually begun their life trajectory based on their educational, vocational, and relational choices and though they feel like they are on track, at times, they can feel left behind if one or more of these areas isn’t panning out.

As parents, our role changes between each season and phases of life for our adolescents and emerging adults.

While students are learners, they need a TEACHER, while they are explorers they need a GUIDE And while they are focusers, they need a RESOURCE. You can read a post about these three parenting seasons here.

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