Three Ingredients To Keep Students Connected To Your Ministry

It’s one thing to get students to show up to your ministry or event. It’s another to keep them connected for a long haul. And it’s still another for those same kids to remain involved and faithful in the church after the high school years.

These three ingredients are some common themes for keeping the students engaged and connected. How are you doing incorporating these into your ministry?


  • I’ve heard it said that students don’t rebel against rules, they rebel against lack of relationship.
  • For students to stick with the church, they have to feel at home at the church and with the student ministry.
  • There must be a web of relationships for students and adults in and through the church. The students must be connected to other adults besides just the youth leader or student ministry pastor.
  • Providing community requires some intentional programming and planning. Programs are meant to change to meet the current needs of students. Don’t get into a rut of thinking you have stick with the same stuff.
  • Plan strategic times for your students to be together for extended events such as conferences and retreats.
  • Become comfortable as a virtual minister through social media to keep up momentum in community.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy serving in leadership with the next generation.

Spiritual Focus

  • Students need more than fun and games.
  • Lasting impact will come because we called students to a deeper level in Christ.
  • Set high expectations for students and discipleship.
  • Share the gospel and become comfortable talking with students about Jesus.
  • Ask questions and listen.
  • Open the Bible together.
  • Students lives can be changed just by inviting them to pay attention to the way the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives.



  • Students are busy – so the opportunities we provide need to be focused. Often, less is, truly more.
  • Invite students to serve and use their gifts – both in the church and outside of the church. Teach students how to serve in the church and build a framework for getting involved easily.
  • Students want to make a difference through mission and outreach.
  • Older students need opportunities to lead and serve the younger ages. I’ve heard it said that older students will either lead or leave.
  • The next generations need opportunities to develop their skills and see what they may be good at.
  • Delegate some of the ministry you are holding onto to some growing young adult leaders in your ministry.
  • Teenagers want opportunity to grow in meaningful relationships with kind and mature Christ followers.

Student ministry is hard, but it’s not difficult. I’m praying for God to increase your energy and enthusiasm as you serve in this kingdom work!


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