The Sugar

My little daughter has been taking dance classes and one of the steps is “The Sugar”.  She is just so dog gone cute that I keep asking her to “do the sugar”.  I hadn’t realized that I had asked her all that much until she brought it up. 

As I was leaving the house after lunch today she said, “Daddy, you always ask me to ‘do the sugar’.” 

She paused a minute then in a mild and sweet voice suggested, “Maybe you should just ask me once a week.”

I was leaving the house as she made that last remark and I began reflecting on how God the Father may see us in that light.  He loves when we worship and probably doesn’t care if we do it the same way all the time.  He probably loves it when each one worships with the gifts he has given them to start with.  I could see the scenario going on with God saying, “ohh, why don’t you hum that song again” or “I love to watch you use your talent in that way – could you do it once more?” 

If the huge amount of joy I get as I watch my daughter crank out that fun little dance step is any indication of how much joy God the Father gets when we worship him, then it’s no wonder He invites us to worship him each day – with our lives.

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