The Low Confidence Church and What To Do About It

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Pastoring is difficult work.  Even with the confidence that God is leading and the understanding that Jesus is the head of the church, I’ve experienced some pastors with low self esteem regarding their ministries and their work.  Other times it’s the church that has been hurt by any number of circumstances and as a result, they have no confidence in themselves.  If a pastor brings low self esteem, the church is soon to follow.  An entire congregation experiencing low self esteem is difficult to turn around.  Of course there are certainly ups and downs – both good and bad seasons in any church and ministry.  But, here are some characteristics that may indicate a collective lack of confidence as a church:

Low energy in leadership, in worship, in planning and preparing.

Feeling of defeat due to declining attendance, a larger (seemingly overpowering) neighboring church, or negative people in your congregation.

Losing ground in membership, attendance, involvement and giving.

Same ole’ stuff happening year and year with little change.

Apathetic about reaching people.

Here are some possible thoughts for breaking the cycle and building confidence back up.

1. Develop a Prayer Team

Figure out ways to get people praying.  Have a prayer vigil.  Develop a prayer meeting.  Get a prayer team email list. Invite and encourage people to pray for the growth of the church.  Practically develop frameworks for people to pray for the church.

2. Begin Something New or Improve Something

The best way to help jolt a congregation out of a stagnate state is to do something new or improve something. Create some energy and success with momentum.  Even the smallest change may help spur the church on.  What may be some small changes?  Bring in a guest to preach some Sunday.  Take a small step in organization of a ministry.  Host a vision meeting. Invite someone to begin helping with a ministry. Read a book on developing more energy. Put something big on the calendar for a few months down the road.  Improve the Sunday morning bulletin/program. Get a new vision for the future.

3. Plan an Outreach Event

Probably the single largest reason church momentum begins to wane is because we become too ingrown, only caring about the needs inside the walls and forgetting the mission field.  Set up opportunities for outreach.  Help people in your community. Take a trip to help people.  When your congregation begins to live for something beyond keeping the church going, things really pick up speed!

4. Focus on Next Generation

This is the best way to grow a church, get out the slump or build confidence.  Focus on the next generation.  Make it a priority Invest funds, Create ministries.  Reach out to schools.  What if you don’t have any young folks in your church?  Here’s how you can reach out even if you don’t have any students in your congregation.

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It’s the job of the leader to bring light to the reality of the church health. Tweet This!



5. Pinpoint the Issues and Attack

Help your people make things clear.  Get the numbers and facts straight.  Nail down the details about the situation you’re in and then candidly and honestly assess it.  Let the people know where they are what needs to happen next. It’s the job of the leader to bring light to the reality of the church health.  Knowing the facts will help people begin to move forward.


6. Trust in God and His Word!

Put your trust in Him and in Him alone.  God is at work in us.  He is greater than he who is in the world!  In our weakness his is strong!   Make His name great among the nations. His Word will not fail and the Church will stand! Take some time to fast for a breakthrough. Stand on His Word. Take a risk and do something that is a total step of faith.


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