Work On Your Ministry – Not Just In Your Ministry

hammer-nails-600x213I picked this quote up from Jason Hatley: “Work on your ministry, not just in it.”   There are times we need to work on our ministries…  not just in them. It gets us thinking about strategy, about planning and about organization.  Sometimes, we are so thick into “doing” we lose sight of the end product.  As a ministry leader, our role is to help equip the church.  [Read “Stop Doing Ministry and Start Building A Team“]

Sometimes, I wish I could stop all obligations for a few months and just focus on planning and administration for future growth.  But we all know it doesn’t work that way and never will.  I will always be working on two levels – one of the here and now and one of what needs to be. However, you will be stronger because of your investment in the overall approach of your ministry.  Here are five ways to work on your ministry:

1. Create Space Above Your Ministry – Create some space in your calendar for some time to reflect on your ministry.  Look down from a mountain view and see what is going on.  Are you spending your time wisely? How are things going?  What areas do you need to work on?  What are some of the ways that you could grow and strengthen you ministry but haven’t been able to focus on lately?  What about your own leadership – is there anything that is hindering your work?

2. Take an Honest Assessment – Take an honest assessment of where you are.  Do you have a goal?  Do you know when you have succeeded?  Is your ministry healthy?  Are your relationships with people healthy?  Have you communicated well?  Have you shared the vision?  Where are things right now?  What season are you in?

3. Focus on Recruitment – Nothing gets you moving like inviting new people to be in ministry with you.  When you explain your ministry to new people, you begin to understand it more yourself.  New people have fresh eyes on the ministry and the roles they will be playing.  Your intentional invitations will help energize you and those who are serving with you.  You always need to be looking out and into the future when it comes to developing new leaders.

4. Trust Incremental Growth – Many of us attend a seminar or read a book then go home and try to change it all.  I’ve heard it said  ministry leaders overestimate what they can accomplish in two weeks and underestimate what they can accomplish in a year.  We need to trust the incremental growth.  After assessing where you are, then make one small change.  Then make another small change next week.  Over time, you will be changed!

5. Live Leadership – Often, the story we’re living tells us that everyone else can and is doing it better. We must change those defeating thoughts.  You are where you need to be – God has led you there and you are the leader.  Each one of us has a place where we are leading and it’s crucial for us to live it.  Be confident.  Live out your leadership role each day  – in the fun times and the tough times.


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