The First Step For Self Discipline In Teenagers

Self Discipline is the key to happiness. – Snooze, The Lost Art Of Sleep

I’m not sure I agree it is the only key to happiness, but it’s a great thought.

It also may be counter-intuitive to us, especially those in adolescent years.

The invention of the light bulb blurred the lines between day and night. Gradually, day and night were no longer the natural rhythms for sleep. But one key component for teenagers to learn during their youth is the art of “turning off the light” and going to sleep. This rhythm of being able to self-discipline during the day may be the most important factor in navigating the big world of other self-initiatives and disciplines through life.

In other words, until a person learns to go to sleep well, all other aspects of discipline are tough to acquire.

Parents must help their kids transition from being told when to go to bed to the student actually wanting to go to bed. Without this transition, according to Michael McGirr, author of Snooze, kids will have trouble with all areas of life.

Knowing when the day has come to a close, the lights are off, the devices charging in another room, and your head is on the pillow is a key factor in growing up. It’s kin to learning when to stop eating after a sensible meal.

Stereotypically, teenagers get in trouble in the night hours. There could be lots of reasons for this – it’s dark, bad decisions come easily when one is tired, and no one else is awake for accountability (except maybe other teens).

But what if it’s more than teenagers being teenagers and getting into mischief?  What if it’s because the teens who have learned the art of self-discipline are naturally in bed asleep while those without self-discipline are just looking for things to fill their time.

When a student begins to learn the confines of a day – and learns when it’s time to go to bed, they have ultimately begun learning how to control their actions. Their lives become immediately richer, fuller and stronger. They have started the art of self-discipline.

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