Summer of Ministry

The Harvest 2012 Summer Team closed somewhat quietly. We had a closing retreat, the closing dinner, the closing debriefing time. Then, we videoed summer memories. After lunch, we prayed and departed. Typically, we have a closing service for the summer, but this year it didn’t work out. But the summer 2012 Harvest Summer Team disbanded in a quiet and simple manner. I believe that leaving in this way solidifies our ministry this summer. It wasn’t flashy, but it was solid. It wasn’t filled commotion, but was effective. We faithfully and systematically served in ministry settings all over Illinois in surrounding states. We encouraged leaders and staff. We built relationships with children and students. We called people – through worship – to give their all to Christ. And no one – including us – will ever know the full implications of the fruit of this summer of ministry.

Harvest served for about 60 days leading music for camps and churches all over the Midwest. It was an amazing summer and the giftedness of the team was a blessing.

I appreciate Doug – he was musically gifted, fun to be around and inspiration as far as discipline. He jogged most every day, rose early and spent time reading Scripture and was a really gifted musician – instrumentally and vocally. Thanks Doug for your part in the summer.

I appreciate James – he was great with kids and students, was creative in his thinking about ministry, was helpful and was loyal! I can always count on James. He also has great musical ability and can dance.

I appreciateTyler- he served as the drummer, was a leader and helped make the summer fun.Tyleris able to connect with people and is encouraging, like details, and strives for excellence.

I appreciate Hailey – she is easy going and is a gifted singer. She is also able to connect to people, has a gift for playing music (keyboard and guitar) and is a great writer.

I appreciate Justin – He is very thorough and has a willingness to help and be a part of ministry. Though incredibly musically gifted, he served in the tech area during the summer and did a great job.

Summer 2012 was powerful and I am grateful for the opportunities we had to serve.

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