Seven Simple Ideas For Sunday School

Sunday school teachers should have fun in their classes. Be creative as you figure out ways to help students connect, grow and learn. Here are a handful of simple ideas I picked up from a little book called, Help, I’m A Sunday School Teacher.

Bring In An Expert

There are people in your church who are experts on a subject and would be happy to share in your class for one or two weeks. It’s an awesome opportunity for students to learn, meet new adults in the church and have a change of pace. You can interview the person, have Q and A or just turn them loose to present on a topic.

Make A Change

Changing something as simple as where you sit as the teacher can help keep things interesting. Do an activity first if you usually do it later. Figure out ways to make things a little different. Do a prayer walk around the church. Have a theme day or talk about a current event that’s gripping the nation. Make a change in the routine to keep it fresh.

Create A Place Of Belonging

Develop some rituals that only your class knows – a special way to begin or end each time slot, a special handshake, nicknames or anything that will help kids belong. You can create some rituals for students to participate in, reciting something at the beginning of each class, ending with a unison prayer, etc. Be sure to remember names. Create a ritual is there is a guest in Sunday School. Don’t embarrass or call out the guests, but maybe have all the current students introduce themselves and answer a certain question of the day or something. Buy students all a matching small gift or t-shirts or anything else that would help create belonging.

Name Your Group

This may not work for every group but goes hand in hand with belonging. Naming your group can be a group effort and can help add to the identity of the students who meet each week.

Prayer Notebook

Keep a group prayer notebook. Write down requests and look back each week. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

Be A Listener

Arrive early and have everything prepared so you can greet students before the class officially begins. This is a great time to ask questions and just listen. Some people think teenagers are a problem to solve, but we should think of them as a wonder to behold. Listen and learn from them.

Care For Them

Jesus cares for these students through you. You are showing Christ’s love for them just by showing up and sharing life with them. Let them know they are important, valued and that you care about them. If someone is missing a couple weeks, have the whole group sign a card during class and mail it. Smile at students outside of class times as you see them around the church or community.


You can pick up a copy of this small book here.


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