I’m switching gears again.  After being in a productive schedule groove for several weeks, routine changes, traveling, and a packed schedule knocked me off-kilter. Though it was all great stuff that I wouldn’t have missed, a packed schedule changes a person’s daily routine drastically.

Here’s what helped me get back in the saddle.

Don’t Stress Out

Don’t stress out about time that’s been missed. You can’t do anything about it, so it really doesn’t matter. But don’t wait to start!

Start Small

You don’t have to do it all today – just take one tiny step. Here are a couple of ideas that have helped me:

  • Prepare for your routine. Set out your exercise bands the night before. Put your tennis shoes by your bed.
  • Order a cheap alarm clock to save time in the morning. If you charge your phone in the kitchen, you will be less likely to get bogged down for 60 minutes of mindless scrolling during the peak hours of the day.

Rewrite Your Routine

Sometimes it helps me to pull out a calendar or sheet of paper and rewrite my optimal morning routine. The act of thinking through and writing down my morning routine helps jump-start things in my life.


Reading helps me jolt back into the personal and ministry routines. Here are things I read regularly:

  • The Bible. I’ve literally written that on my schedule for every morning of the week.
  • Articles and books on time management and work productivity. One Harvard Business Review article explains why saving work for tomorrow doesn’t work.


Listening motivates me to do what is important. Here are ways I listen:

  • Podcasts, mostly while driving or exercising.
  • People – Catching up, getting feedback, and visiting.  
  • Music.  

Prepare and Plan

Preparing the night before helps me get back to the routine and out of craziness mode.  That includes:

  • Ordering my projects and to-do lists.
  • Setting out what I will be wearing.  I put my tennis shoes near the bed to be ready for morning exercise.
  • Going to bed as early as I can.  I’ve been reminded that sleep is as important for preparing for the day as it is for today’s exhaustion.
  • Scheduling meetings to motivate myself and get things moving.  For me, meetings fuel action.
  • Looking ahead on the calendar to plan times for growth, fun and refreshment. Planning these helps ease stress and makes the busy schedule more fun and balanced.


Spend time praying for God’s help to do the important things in life. When you’re investing your time wisely, you will feel more on top of things. That will help your friends, family, church, work, and everything else. Pray that God will give you a holy motivation to do your best for yourself and for others around you.

What are some ways things you reignite your routine and schedule?


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