Don’t grow comfortable without risk in your organization.

Risk Risk is natural for young organizations.  By their very nature they assume a level of risk that is inherent to it’s beginning.   As organizations, as well as leaders, grow, they often minimize the risks and become too comfortable doing so.  Don’t let it happen.  In order to stay alive, you need healthy risks in your ministry!

It’s argued that there is more risk in doing nothing.  Much like the guy who buried his master’s money, his safety didn’t do him much good.  In fact, he lost it all.

Here are few ways you can take some risks today…

Share your idea with someone – What have you always thought about doing, but just haven’t ever tried or maybe have tried but haven’t been successful.  Put the idea out there.

Help develop someone – It’s always a risk to give someone a shot.  Discover someone.  Invite them in to the circle.  Let them see the action up close and give them opportunities.   Reaching out to people in general could also fall into this category. Who is available in your community to reach out to?  They may not be your age or your style, but they are near your church and you have the opportunity to reach out and meet them.  It takes a huge risk to “go”.

Try something you didn’t try last year – Church ministries are notorious for living off this question, “Well, what did we do last year?”  Try something new this year.  Think of something different.  Make it bigger.  Make it more effective.  Take a risk and step out of the mold.

Go out on a limb – There may be something that requires you to stick your neck out.  There’s a difference between being risky and being reckless.  We want to live in reckless abandon when we follow Christ.  We want to faithful when leading his church.  Reckless abandon is when the disciples left their boats -their very livelihood – and followed Jesus.  Risk is when Jesus sent out the 72 to see how they could do with people, with prayer, with ministry.  I’m assuming you’ve already taken the reckless step to follow Jesus with your life.  Now, take risks.  Giving your life to Jesus but not taking new risks is like going to Disney World, but not going inside.  Go out on a limb in ministry!  Take a risk!  Give it all. Bill Hybels talks about taking a flyer.  Every once in a while, you need to try something big just to get the energy and momentum back in yourself and your organization.

 Obey God’s Call – In all these ways, risk could be summed up as being obedient to Jesus.  When he calls and leads, you go.  The risk may seem great, but the best place you can be is in God’s will.  


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