Private Prayer Is Powerful

prayNot all prayers are public.  Most of our praying is behind closed doors, in quiet.  There are times to pray aloud and pray together, but private, personal conversation with God is a necessity.

My blog is not my journal – my journal is.  Many of my prayers are written in my journal and not available to read.  It’s easy to post lots of content on the blog and social media sites, but there’s something about the private and personal nature of submitting our requests to God.  We trust in Him alone. That doesn’t mean we don’t invite people to pray online, but we shouldn’t put our entire prayer life on display.

I heard a preacher once say that the only “prayer request” that Jesus gave was for more workers in the harvest field.  I always thought that was intriguing.  His only public prayer request was for people to become a part of the work of the kingdom.  Much of the time, Jesus’ prayer was private.  But, we can also think of times when it was aloud and public too, so there is a balance.  Sometimes the prayer is alone, other times it’s with people.  We must always be careful not to make it a show.

There are many things that you need to pray for today – aside from the public praying you may do on behalf of your family, church or ministry.  Find time to be alone with God and begin praying, listening and receiving.


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