One Surprising Benefit Of Being Kind

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Proverbs 11:17 says:  “Our souls are nourished when we are kind.”

This doesn’t mean that’s the only reason to do good things, but it is an undeniable benefit.

I remember a time a few years back when my daughter’s Sunday school class recently bagged up homeless kits.  The gallon-size zip lock bag included some money, travel-size tolietries, granola bars, socks, etc.

She put it in the car as we headed to a class she was taking in St. Louis. We got out of the class late, which would set us back for getting our next appointment on time.  As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I heard her shout, “there’s someone I could get this bag to!”  I didn’t see him, but a man was across the street in the other direction holding up a sign that she couldn’t read.

We went past our exit, turned back around, went down the boulevard, and had to turn around again, probably making an illegal u-turn, but didn’t have much of a choice.  We pulled up to the light and saw the man.  We rolled the window down and handed him the bag.  His eyes said it all – he was grateful. He verbally thanked us two or three times in the brief encounter.

It was quiet for a minute, then the rest of the way on our short trip, she talked about that man and giving him a bag. She asked questions about him and what he probably would do with it.  Once we were home, she told my wife all about it.

Though the act was centered around helping this man in the name of Jesus, it also triggered something deep within my daughter.

Our own souls were nourished as we were being kind.

In what ways can I be kind today? In my words to my spouse. In my interactions with my children. In my conversations with those who want to argue. In my response to those in need. In the way, I lead people. In the way I treat myself. In my reverent worship of God.  In my giving.

There are a million ways to be kind.  And it not only makes a difference in the receiver but in you, the giver.

This thought was triggered by reading a book called Making Life Work.


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