Pick One (or more) of Twenty Five Ways You May Be Connected To Harvest Ministry

We are in a season of raising money for Harvest Ministry based in Troy, IL.  This is part of a series of post about Harvest as we celebrate this week.  [read all posts in this series]


In some ways, Harvest Ministry is hard to explain.  What began as a summer ministry team serving at camps and churches has grown into a year round, full time ministry reaching out to kids, students, adults and ministry leaders. When I read about branding, I always come away overwhelmed – we haven’t given branding much thought over the years. One church may have experienced Harvest Ministry leading a kids events.  Another church may believe that Harvest is great at leading music for intergenerational ministry events.  Another segment of folks might see Harvest as a worship band for conferences and large events. Many know Harvest as the camp ministry band. Others may only know Harvest through the online music and resources. Some of the young adults who serve in Harvest attended The Light Kids Conference in grade school and have been connected for many years.  Others have never heard of Harvest before they wind up getting connected and involved.

As long as Harvest has been in ministry, every call and invitation to serve has been taken seriously and gratefully. We can’t be all things to all things to all people, but these are the four areas we focus on:

Harvest Summer Teams

The summer team is comprised of young adults who serve for the summer months providing worship music and ministry leadership at children and youth camps all over Illinois and the Midwest.

Harvest Worship Band

This band is comprised of ministry minded musicians who serve for weekend ministry events and other one time worship leadership opportunities through the school year and at Harvest Conferences.

Harvest Conferences

In addition to serving as a worship team for various conferences and events around the Midwest, Harvest plans and hosts (with the partnership of local churches) these conferences:  Ignition Middle School Conference, The Light Kids Conference, Renovate Conference, The Well for Youth Workers, Fire-Up Conference, Beautiful U Girls Conference, and The Crossing For Worship Leaders. Additionally, Harvest seeks to provide training to ministry leaders during each of the ministry conferences we host.

Harvest Resources

Through recorded music, ministry leadership blog posts, training, videos, ideas and writing, Harvest Ministry seeks to be helpful to ministry leaders.  The purpose of Harvest Resources is to help the church make disciples.


25 Ways Someone May Be Connected To Harvest Ministry

  1. A young adult serving (or who has served) on a Harvest Team.
  2. A volunteer for a conference, event, music, or office ministry.
  3. A kid attending The Light Kids Conference
  4. A middle school student attending Ignition Conference.
  5. A high school student attending Fire-Up or Beautiful U Girls Conference.
  6. A youth group attending Renovate.
  7. A youth pastor, pastor or youth worker bringing children or students to a Harvest Conference.
  8. A student ministry leader attending The Well, A Seminar For Youth Workers.
  9. A worship leader attending a worship leader training event.
  10. A camp inviting Harvest Summer Team to come lead music for a week.
  11. A church inviting Harvest to come lead music for a worship service, weekend ministry retreat or special outreach event.
  12. A pastor inviting Harvest to come lead a church leadership training event / vision / consulting meeting.
  13. A youth pastor inviting Harvest come to come share during an event, lock in or other event.
  14. A children’s pastor inviting Harvest to come lead a week long or weekend vbs style event.
  15. A church staff member downloading free ebooks and utilizing resources on the Harvest blog.
  16. A children’s ministry leader using the Harvest motion songs DVD’s during kids worship.
  17. A faithful Christian who prays for Harvest ministry or supports Harvest with a monthly contribution.
  18. A friend or family member of a Harvest Team member.
  19. Members of Troy UMC who have be in partnership with Harvest, opening the building for ministry and events for 20 years.
  20. Members of the Harvest board who serve, advise and pray.
  21. The person who buys Harvest music either online or at an event.
  22. The child, student or adult who wears a Harvest t-shirt or Harvest event t-shirt with Scripture on the back.
  23. The pastor, youth pastor, or associate pastor and their congregations who partner as a host church for Harvest Conferences.
  24. The life that was changed in the name of Jesus during any of these ministries or connections.
  25. The churches, ministries, missions, schools, homes and other places that have been impacted by the lives of Harvest leaders.



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