On Being A Servant Of God

On Being A Servant Of God, by Warren Wiersbe is a great book for pastors and church staff. It’s broken up into several small chapters packed with wisdom from a seasoned church leader.

Today’s post is a collection of quotes from the book:

“God is glorified when people see the Master and not the minister.”

“Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God.”

“Readers are leaders. Your heart grows by giving out, but your mind grows by taking in.”

“The best and happiest thing we can do in our lives is serve the Lord.”

“There’s no substitute for Christian character. No matter how much talent and training we may have, if we don’t have character, we don’t have anything.”

“There is a difference between “fruit” and “results”. You can get “results” by following surefire formulas, manipulating people, or turning on your charisma; but “fruit” comes from life.”

“Money is the “god of this world,” and it empowers millions of people to enjoy life by living on substitutes. With money, they can buy entertainment, but they can’t buy joy. They can go to the drugstore and buy sleep, but they can’t buy peace. Their money will attract lots of acquaintances but very few real friends. Wealth gains them admiration and envy but not love. It buys the best in medical services, but it can’t buy health.”

“Your place of service may not be a big one, but it’s an important one, and God put you there because you’re the right person for the job right now.”

“When God used David’s sling, He needed David’s hand to swing it. When God builds a ministry, He needs somebody’s surrendered body to get the job done. You are important to the Lord, so keep your life pure: “A holy minister [servant] is an awful weapon in the hand of God.”

“Never be afraid of honest criticism. If the critic is wrong, you can help him; and if you’re wrong he can help you. Either way, somebody’s helped.”

“The older we get and the longer we serve the Lord, the more we need to work at being contemporary and not becoming dusty relics in a religious museum.”

“You aren’t responsible for the way others treat you, but you are responsible for the way you respond.”

“…it’s good to have things that money can buy, provided we don’t lose the things that money can’t buy.”

“Your . . . sermon lasts but an hour or two—your life preaches all the week.”

“Remember, the best thing you can do for your ministry is build a godly family; and the best thing you can do for your family is build a ministry that glorifies God. Home and ministry are friends, not enemies; and it’s your job to keep it that way.”

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