The most natural way to get volunteers…

doorWe can learn the two most natural ways to connecting with volunteers just be observing how kids connect to play.

1)  They go outside and begin to play with an expectant eye out for who may want an invitation to join them.

2) They go up to the door of the home and ask the famous question, “Can [insert name] come out and play?”

That’s about the only two ways I’ve seen it done.

So what do we learn about getting volunteers?  First, you create the framework for them.  What do you need volunteers to do?  What vision are you going to invite them to?  Jump into your project and begin the work of setting the tone for others as they might join you.  You begin. Let them see it.

Second, the single best way to get someone to help you is to ask.  If you make a personal invitation, the chances  of them helping and sticking with it are enormous.  Spend time personally inviting people and as your volunteer team grows, the volunteers will in time begin asking others to join the team.

This is one of the most natural and effective ways to build a volunteer team around you.


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  1. Great thought. I would add that the best way to recruit volunteers who will fit into your culture is to have your current volunteers knock on the door of their friends and invite them to come out in play. It seems like this is how we consistently get volunteers who fit well in our system. Thanks for sharing!

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