Leading Servants and Serving Leaders

This phrase once came to mind about the role of a church staff person. I’m not sure if it’s something I read or something that just came to me, but I wrote it on a Post It note and have had it on my desk for years. It’s a reminder that I have two jobs as a leader.

Our goal is to help the congregation provide the ministry to the community and region. The church is alive and moving and doesn’t “hire” staff to do the ministry, though many times that is the misconception.  The church hires staff to mobilize, organize and facilitate dynamic ministry among the congregation.  Most people are committed to the church because they  are committed to Jesus, and as a result, I have the privilege of Leading Servants on a regular, weekly basis.

The church is also made up of people who are gifted, in one way or another to lead. Ironically, these are the same people who are servants. Some may be out front leaders or they may be behind the scenes, but a huge part of my time is serving those people.  Praying for, cheering on, providing administrative support and helping those in the congregation who are leading is probably the most rewarding and productive things a staff person can do.

It’s a “both/and” kind of life.  Under authority and in authority.  Leading and Serving.  Servants and Leaders.

Why do I write this down?  Because I want to be effective at both.

1)      I want to hold people accountable.

2)      I want to give people places to sink their teeth into meaningful ministry.

3)      I want to make sure that I am investing my time in collaborating with others in ministry, not doing it all.

4)      I want to be authoritative, but not authoritarian.

5)      I want to be on the lookout for leaders in the organization who want to get connected.

6)      I want to be content in the ministry I have been called to enjoying the people and enjoy the work.

So, in the areas that I am leading servants, I want to be effective – pulling them in, getting them plugged in and being ready for them to use their gifts in great ways.

And for the leaders that I am serving, I want to build solid relationships with them, provide them with vision and extend to them the blessing of owning their ministry and their role in the church.

Leading Servants.  Serving Leaders.


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