Labor Day

The 130th Labor Day is today!  It first began in 1882 and has continued every year since as a way to celebrate the workers in our country, people who have helped the USA become what it is.  I’m grateful for workers, grateful to be working and grateful for a free day to celebrate.

I’m thinking about two things this 2012 Labor Day morning.  One is about all the talk of people needing work and jobs.  It’s probably tough for some people to deal with Labor Day.  Hopefully, things will begin to get better for those individuals and for the country as a whole.  However, a job doesn’t define a person.  So, don’t be discouraged, keep searching, connecting, trying and moving forward.

My second thought is on how the holiday began.  It was a person who decided it would be good to do.  It’s not clear whether it was Peter McGuire or Matthew Maguire, both of whom had prominent roles in leadership.  Either way, it’s always amazing to me to think about the history.  Those guys – which ever one is responsible – probably had no idea that the little picnic planned that fall day in New York would grow to such prominence on the national calendar each year.

It makes me wonder what holiday I should begin.  Maybe not for the whole world, but the little traditions that I can start with my family.  Who knows where my tradition will be in 130 years.

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