Consequences of Un-ordered Time

I recently came across this in some of my files.  Thought it might be helpful to you.  These are thoughts from a message I heard somewhere along the way.

Traits of a disorganized life:

1. Clutter – House, desk, car, horizontal surfaces

2. Series of undone, forgotten tasks and appointments – Broken commitments, deadlines, etc.;   Often offer lame excuses

3. Invest energy in unproductive tasks –  Will want to feel like “doing” something, Might be something that gains public attention

4. Feel poorly about your work –  Trouble accepting compliments, not best work;        Beat self up thinking about how could do it better;  Low level fear that you will be found out;

5.  Rarely enjoy intimacy, even with God – Don’t have time for relationships;           Loved ones understanding when you are busy;  Loved ones usually not demanding as boss, clients;  Don’t have time for intimacy with God

6. Life comes under the influence of dominant people –  At the mercy of people who make demands of your time; Surrender to the demands of all emergencies;  “We are governed by the tyranny of the urgent”; What is urgent may not necessarily be the most important; What is most important doesn’t get time….


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