Kingdom Connections

There are old friends, then there are brothers and sisters.  Brothers and sisters are family.  When coming back together there is instant connection because of shared heritage and memory. 


In the last month, I have had a chance to reconnect with some brothers and sisters in Christ. Even after not having been around each other for some time, we jumped in, connected, ministered together and shared a memory and heritage. 


Jeremiah Cox and I served together for two summers in a row.  We also did a number of other weekend ministry events over the years.  Two days before Ignition Middle School Conference in Champaign, his name popped in my head and I invited him to step in as the MC for the evening Ignition Blast.  He did an incredible job of connecting with kids, with the Harvest Team and it was fun ministering with him again.


Megan Tyler used to serve on the Harvest Staff.  She was on the summer team ministry for three summers and worked in the office with me for two years.  She currently is a school teacher, is married and has two kids.  I invited her to come and sing harmony for the worship conference and it was great to see her and her family. 


Adam Flack helped with The Well for youth workers in Neoga.  It was fun to run into him and have him help us serve the youth ministry leaders from the area.  Adam played bass with the team during the summer of 2003.  I still remember a flip he tried to do off a picnic table at Beulah Camp. 


Jackson Price and Dave Plemons have both been a part of Harvest over the years.  It was fun connecting with them and having them help lead Ignition in Champaign. 

Matt Henson was the preacher for a revival service we led music at in Kinmundy, IL this past weekend.  He had some great words to share with the congregation and helped do the Harvest sound check too.  Matt served at Troy Church for a few years. 


The kingdom connections are fun and rewarding.  Thanks for your part in the ministry back then and now.  The best is yet to come!

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