kids on the church parking lot

Harvest had a great weekend in Washington, IN (Tim Price, Bonnie Pocklington, Zak Stoldt, Daniel Styles and Kim Przybylski) and then a great time at St. Lukes UMC in St. Louis, MO.  As we pulled in the church parking lot on Sunday afternoon, there were students from the youth group playing frisbee and unloading luggage from a van.  As I walked into the church, one guy was playing drums and another guy was walking toward the sound board wearing a Kutless t-shirt.

I got a good feeling about seeing all the action at 2:45 on Sunday afternoon.  It reminded me of growing up in church and being a part of youth ministry events, practicing for music groups and in general being connected.  Those years shaped me. 

So, thanks Troy UMC youth for being faithful. Keep up the fun!

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