Kentucky, Hillsboro & A Night of Worship

Ministry this last week has been really full and fun!  I had the privilege of leading worship for a revival in Leitchfield, KY for the first half of the week.  David Harting is the pastor there and is doing a great job.  Jason Roe, a Conference Evangelist in Tennessee, was the speaker.  It was a privilege to serve in ministry with these guys and it was a privilege to stay in the Harting home for the week (the carrots in the roast for dinner were espcially good).  I also enjoyed getting a chance to meet up with my friend John Brumfiel while I was down there.  He’s a pastor in Dixon, KY and it’s always fun to visit with him.

I got home from the revival and then began leading worship for the weekend at a Lay Renewal Ministry event in Hillsboro, IL.  It was a great congregation and a fun time of sharing and ministry. The event weekend is designed by Lay Renewal Ministries in St. Louis, MO and involves everyday people from all over the Midwest who came to share their testimonies with the church.  During the course of the weekend, through small groups, worship services, meals and meetings, we experienced God at work in the lives of many people.  Thanks to Bobby Davis who joined me on this journey to play percussion and help lead the students in small groups.  It was great.

On Sunday night, our church hosted a night of worship.  Different members of the worship band took part in singing and playing.  The staging team, lighting team, hospitality team all helped make the music even better!  (Special thanks to Sherri Volz, Tonnie Schallk, Matt Story, Mike Shafer, David and Kelly Perry!) There was tons of great coffee, homemade cookies and a packed house!  It was a great way to jump start the Thanksgiving season.  But, more than that, it’s an indicator of momentum in our church.  The spiritual temperature has been rising and people are hungry to not only go deeper, but to share Christ with the region.  I’m praying for the culture of the church to continually grow in energy, innovation and a heart for seeking God – as individuals and as a community.


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